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Walking the walk in her sophomore year

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon women's basketball is three weeks into the season, so there's been three Cascade Conference Player of the Week awards handed out. The Raiders' Kami Walk already has two of them.

To some, it may come as a surprise. The last time the team played back during the 2019 season, Walk averaged a little over 8 points a game in about 18 minutes on average. But her teammates knew the Eugene-native put her nose to the grindstone throughout the offseason to increase her strength, endurance and basketball skills.

"She was in the gym every single day, double days, lifting, making sure her knees were in good shape... her hard work is definitely what got her here," senior Dominique Harding said of Walk's offseason.

"Here," as Harding mentioned, is one of the best stat lines in the conference. Walk is now averaging over 17 points and 8 rebounds a game, including a weekend of double-doubles for the sophomore. And maybe the most important stat of all if you ask Walk, is her increase in minutes. She's now playing over 24 minutes a game.

"My freshman year I didn't feel like I was in very good shape," the sophomore forward said. "I'd get tired after two minutes on the court."

Her new mentor, first-year head coach Carlotta Kloppenburg-Pruitt, has also instilled plenty of confidence in Walk to reach her potential. That plus Walk's already stellar work ethic will make for a lethal combo down the stretch for the Raiders.

For more on Walk's season-to-season improvement, watch the video above.

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