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Cannabis farm tour aims to change narrative for growers

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. -- On Friday, 'OM Extracts' opened its doors to the community and others in the cannabis industry to tour the farm. Elise Higley, the board director of Our Family Farms, said she plans to educate the community on how to consume cannabis in a more healthy way.

"Our whole goal is to just kind of inspire people in the cannabis industry to use more organic and regenerative practices," Higley said. 

Throughout the tour, people were able to take a look at how farmers plant, nurture and sustain the drug. There was a walk-through of various greenhouses where the cannabis is before implantation and the field of plants that were already implanted into the ground.

Mitra Sticklen, the owner of OM Extracts and OM Farms, said she and her partner were facilitating the tour.

"I think it's important that people understand that, you know, the impacts on our watershed, the impacts on soil, it can be pretty bad if people aren't using good environmental practices on their farm," Mitra said. 

After the tour, residents gathered at the Ruch Library for a panel discussion with state representative Pam Marsh, two regional watermasters and five local sustainable farmers.

“It was an opportunity to hear from farmers about the sustainable practices that are being used in the cannabis industry," said Rep. Pam Marsh. "We are seeing, frankly, the state walk away a little bit from the cannabis industry right now because we do have some stories that have seeded doubt about the industry. The story has been lost a little bit so it’s good to focus on the good guys."

Mariah Hill is a news producer/reporter at NewsWatch 12. You can reach Mariah at