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Phoenix residential community, burned in the Almeda Fire, set to reopen in one week

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Phoenix residential community, burned in the Almeda Fire, set to reopen in one week

PHOENIX, Ore. -- It’s been more than a year since the Almeda Fire tore through the cities of Phoenix and Talent, leaving destruction in its wake. Since then, the community has been showing signs of life and its true strength.

Shelly Rodgers is the property manager for the newly rebuilt residential 8-plex located at 206 and 208 Cheryl Lane. This will be the first of several buildings being built to replace those lost during the Almeda Fire.

The building is one of four buildings in the Cheryl Lane Townhomes development which was completely destroyed by the fire.

"Considering the lack of material that’s been out there, for this builder just to get this going as quickly as possible and certificate of occupancies this week has been amazing and super excited to fill this up,” Rodgers said.

Jonathan Lathrop is married to Rodgers' assistant, and he used to work at Morrtons Pizza in Medford.

“Is actually warming to see everybody come together, and we’re a very family-oriented bar, to see people share their stories and come together,” said Lathrop.

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On Monday, November 8, residents will move into the townhomes.

“It’s been an ordeal working with the owners, working with the insurance companies and the municipalities to get our permits in place and then dealing with a different supplier and dealing with different supply chain issues and labor issues — overall it’s been a pretty good process,” Shaun Olson said.

Olson is president of Olaf & Company, the company building the new residential homes.

Olaf and Company has been around since 2014. Olson said he and his company have other properties in the works – some in Talent and Phoenix.

In all, Phoenix lost seven multi-family buildings — containing 149 units — in the Almeda Fire. Four of those developments are under construction to bring back 84 units, and two other developments have applied for building permits, which would add 54 more units.