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FBI Oregon warns of bomb threat scams

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FBI Oregon warns of bomb threat scams

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Oregon office put out a notice on Friday warning of a series of recent scams where businesses and organizations are threatened with a bomb hoax in order to extort them for money.

The FBI said that it has received several reports through its Internet Complaint Center of businesses and agencies in Oregon threatened with very similar language.

"The threat message says that the bad actor has planted bombs in the organization and that if anyone contacts police, the bombs will be detonated remotely. There is a demand for a payment of $5,000 - $20,000 to be made through an email or cryptocurrency address," FBI Oregon said in a statement.

The messages also include death threats to the recipients and their families.

Thus far, the threats have targeted internet service providers, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. The FBI recommends that anyone who receives a threat of this type not pay the ransom, and notify them at

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