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SchoolWatch: Yreka Union High School goes remote amid growing COVID-19 outbreak

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YREKA, Calif. — Yreka Union High School will be transitioning to California's version of remote learning due to an ongoing coronavirus outbreak, administrators announced on Friday.

"The Covid-19 outbreak in our community has not leveled off. The testing and isolation of exposed students has now overwhelmed our current resources," Superintendent Mark Greenfield wrote in a letter. "So for next week, the week of September 7th to the 10th, all YHS students will be transitioned to Short Term Independent Study (STIS)."

Students will be connecting via Zoom for their advisory period beginning Wednesday at 10 a.m., where teachers will be reviewing the STIS expectations and procedures. Students will be checking in with all other teachers through Google Classroom.

The students themselves are responsible for turning in all lessons and assignments for the week in order to receive attendance credit. Those who fail to complete lessons and activities will be marked as truant, Greenfield said.

"STIS is intended to assure students are keeping up with lessons and activities during period of absence more than three days in length," Greenfield continued. "If you do not assure your student is participating this week, please realize school is not stopping or slowing down."

Yreka Union's extracurricular activities, practices, and events are continuing as normal. Greenfield reminded athletes to follow attendance policies, and added that Alternative Education, DHS and YO will continue as usual.

"This is a preventive action intended to allow our staff to regroup and better prepare for the outbreak we are seeing in our community," Greenfield said. "We believe our procedures provide the safest environment possible and it is our intent to keep it that way."

The required testing, contact tracing, isolation, and parent notification became too much for YUHS staff, Greenfield said, and the remote week should help them train and organize more staff to address those issues.

"It is our intent to return to regular classes on Monday, September 13," Greenfield concluded. "If anything changes we post such notifications. Finally, if you, your student or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of Covid, such as runny nose, congestion, sore throat, fever, cough and such, please go get tested. Covid testing resources can be found on the Siskiyou County public health's website."