FDNY firefighter assigned to Lime Fire discusses how incident management teams helped on 9/11

FDNY firefighter assigned to Lime Fire discusses how incident management teams helped on 9/11

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 11:13 PM
Updated: Sep 12, 2019 12:24 AM

Speech to Text for FDNY firefighter assigned to Lime Fire discusses how incident management teams helped on 9/11

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incident management team goes around the country helping othe communities in need. one lieutenant is here in siskiyou county helping with the lime fire." no stephen two line stephen says: "we come out here kind of to these areas of the country to give back and show our support." on september 11th 18 years ago, lt. stephen rhine was a new york city police officer. shortly after the attacks, he became a firefighter. today-- he's a public information officer for the fire department's all hazards incident management team. right now he's assigned to the more than 19 hundred acre lime fire burning in siskiyou county. lt. stephen says: "the training that we receive while we're out here is instrumental to building our team and maintaining our team for our large scale incidents that may happen either in the city or some other all hazard that we would respond to." lt. rhine says 18 years ago, new york didn't have an incident management team. west coast incident management teams stepped up, helping the fdny with whatever they needed, from supplies to incident actions plans. helping the fdny get through the aftermath of the attacks. no stephen two line stephen says: "a lot of our upper management so to speak perished on that day unfortunately and it was a lot of people that were kind of stuck and a lot of emotions going on. take stephen two line stephen says: "having people come and help guide us in the direction we wanted to be headed and we were initially headed really kind of helped us." once everything began to settle, fdny created its all hazards incident management team. now--more than 300 people are assigned to the team. stephen says: "we have been down to texas, florida, a few times, as well as puerto rico. we've been to upstate new york and we've done numberous, numberous tasks throughout new york city." nearly three thousand miles away from new york 18 years later, lt. rhine is learning all about wildfires. stephen says: "i also come out here and help with the incident management teams as sort of giving back because so many teams came to support our program in our city after september 11th." andryanna says: "once his time is done here at the lime fire, lt. rhine will take everything he learned back to new york. in yreka, andryanna sheppard, newswatch
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