Klamath Falls residents sound off about Kingsley Field funding

More than $10 million in construction projects were 'deferred' to fund the border wall.

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 4:52 PM
Updated: Sep 11, 2019 4:52 PM

Speech to Text for Klamath Falls residents sound off about Kingsley Field funding

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mari says "that 10 million dollars would have gone toward training and updates here at kingsley field. today i talked with people who live in klamath falls. a lot of people have mixed feelings about this." some, are against the trump administration diverting funds for the border wall. kenneth says "i don't think they should take any more money from the military. i think they should take trump and say hey, take your money out of your bank and build the wall yourself." denise says "i think it's wrong, i think the money belongs in kingsley field. they're the ones who protect our country." and some, are for it. arthur says "it should have been done a long time ago. a lot of presidents talked about it but nobody's done anything. the government has to be run like a business just like he's doing." regardless of opinion about how the 10 million dollars should be spent, most will agree that kingsley field plays a huge economic role in the klamath falls community. the klamath county commissioners office tells me that 10 million dollars is just a small part of it's overall federal funding. he says now other projects wil have to be put on hold until they can find the money. out of the dozen people i talked to, about half thought that it was nessecary to divert funding to the border wall. arthur says "people don't understand unless they go down there and look at it. i mean, people for the most part have never been down there they need to go and see it for themselves to understand how bad it really it." and half told me, it should stay here in klamath county at kinsley field. kenneth says "with the money they're taking, that 10 million dollars to build a wall, that's money allocated to the military. and that money should stay with the military. period." mari says "senator merkely is now demanding that the administration reverse their decision and restore that funding. we'll keep you updated on our website, kdrv.com. in klamath falls, mari nelson, jail -- and facing charges related fernando corvacho sexually harassed a woman in july. the victim worked at a motel in medford. she told police corvacho harassed on multiple occasions. medford police were able to get hidden camera footage of some of harassment. corvacho was arrested this morning.
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