I the Kitchen: Italian Sausage Frittata

NewsWatch 12's Alicia Rubin gives us a look at how to make an Italian Sausage Frittata made by SODEXO.

Posted: Aug 22, 2019 12:47 PM
Updated: Aug 22, 2019 12:47 PM

Speech to Text for I the Kitchen: Italian Sausage Frittata

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sodexo. and we have a breakfast option here for us today. what exactly are we making? we're making a sausage, italian sausage frittata. oh, that sounds amazing. and how do we how going to start out with about nine eggs. i have eggs me the spray? absolutely. we're just going to spray your pan. and, to that we're just going to sprinkle in our broccoli, and we have half a cup. okay. now do you have to use broccoli? are there other options. you can add whatever veggies you. okay, so this can be special. i mean, this can be changed to your favorites. exactly. okay, we're using italian sausage. but if you didn't want to use sausage, maybe you wanted a turkey bacon. you can do a turkey bacon. right? you can change it. i like that i like that that. you can customize it a little bit, right. okay. okay, so we're going to add, we added our broccoli, just put it at the bottom of your container. okay. and then we're going to add the sausage. okay, we're putting in one cup. all right. and the has this sausage already been cooked? yes. this is a pre cooked sausage. all right, so it's ready to go. yeah. okay, so we've got our broccoli and our italian sausage. perfect. we're just gonna whisk up our eggs. okay. how many eggs did you say that was? there's nine eggs. nine eggs. okay. the whole eggs or egg whites? the whole eggs. okay, yeah. and then i'm going to add a little bit of salt free seasoning. okay, so you can use whatever brand you prefer. this is like, you know, a mrs. dash or mckormicks and i'm just putting in a half a teaspoon. okay. and i'm gonna get i'm just gonna whisk get in there. okay. now this is a breakfast option that kids have at school. correct. you'll find this school. and it seems like it's pretty fast and easy as you can make it options, right? same thing they would be getting if they were having a warm breakfast at school. nice. and so we have about a half a cup of the mozzarella. okay. and again, cheese can be customized as well as yes, what you want. we're putting mozzarella in. in here. we're just going to put our eggs over the top. okay. really simple. just throw it all in there. it all just gets all whisk in and okay, put it in the container, move it around, right. then i'm just gonna sprinkle a tablespoon of just take my fork and moisten it with the egg. okay, and in the oven it goes. we like to cover with a little bit of foil. okay. so you would cover it and then put it in 350 degree oven. okay. and for how long? and this will go for 15 minutes. 15 got it. okay. there we are. oh, man, it looks and smells fantastic. i'm going to come by school so that i can buy and of course you can find this recipe and others. we've got quite a few on our website kdrv.com [g3]itk (tue and thurs)-vo kdrv.com only on newswatch 12 --- football kicks off in a few
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