Sweet Thai Chili Wrap

NewsWatch 12's Kate Houston gives us a look at a Sweet Thai Chili Wrap made by SODEXO.

Posted: Aug 19, 2019 12:21 PM
Updated: Aug 19, 2019 12:21 PM

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back. we are in the kitchen with delores from sodexo thank you so much for joining us. thank you. we're so excited to have you here. now this looks fresh. this looks delicious. what exactly are we making today? we are going to do a sweet thai chili wrap. and we have some grilled chicken and we're gonna mix our chicken with some sweet chili sauce. okay, sounds good. so i have you can grill the chicken before you and pop it in your fridge. yep, you can have this as an easy meal. we're just going to add a if you want it little spicy, or you can go that route, but this is a little sweeter. maybe a little bit of a kick. yeah theres a little spice to it, there's some red chili flakes. so we're just going to mix that chili sauce on to our grilled chicken. okay. these are pretty big chunks too in there. yeah, yeah, they're slices. and you'll see them when i go to put this together. so we're going to start out with some romaine. and then we have some fresh tomatoes, some onion, shredded carrot, and cilantro, the tomatoes and also the onion came from fry farms. oh, wonderful. we're so great. we're, we're happy to partner with them and be able to use their product. yeah, supporting local businesses while helping some of our kids eat lunch as well good things and you'll find this on the high school menu. we try to make sure that we have a variety of items. sure. every single day. yeah, definitely. school lunches have really changed since i was in high school. this is really i think on this nutrition chicken, great source of protein, lots of fresh veggies here. keep you full for a long time, i'm sure too. and so we're just putting our chicken on this generally they have spinach, sun dried tomato, garlic, or or whole wheat. we've opted to go with the whole wheat one. yeah. so we're just going to roll it like a burrito, perfect. so we just fold it over. a perfect roll right there. thank you. i'm just gonna slice it. you slice it on an angle. so it presents nicely wonderful. and we want to do that at times when we do the wraps we leave them open when the student receives them. so they can customize it to what they'd like. so this one here is a asian ginger sauce, that we have different sauce stations that the students can go to and they can put a parmesan sauce on or we have some tandoori. they change every four weeks the sauce cycle changes so there's always new options for our students. yeah, you can you can like you said customize all these different flavors depending on what you like. maybe even try something new too. yeah, cool. i'm just going to put a little dab here just okay, so they wanted something they could just absolutely delicious. and you can find this recipe and then even more on our website kdrv. com. thank you [g4]itk (tue and thurs)-vo kdrv.com uber is announcing a new back to college safety
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