OSF keeps performers cool in the heat

OSF keeps performers cool in the heat

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 11:35 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 11:35 PM

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in the area. dual box newswatch 12's andryanna sheppard is live outside of the allen elizabethan theatre at o-s-f. she explains what o-s-f does to keep actors and theatre goers cool on these hot days. macbeth just finished here at the allen elizabethan theatre and people are starting to file out. o-s-f tells me they are doing all they can to make sure everyone stays safe in the heat. nat green show claps outdoor shows are cancelled when it gets too smoky but they must go on even if it's really hot like it was today. nat green show xylophone and if theatre goers are sweating in their seats, so are the actors in costumes. c-j martinez with o-s-f tells me they make sure their actors stay cool and hydrated. they also make sure they don't overheat in their costumes. cj says: "the designers have actually made it possible to remove portions of a costume or heavy coat and make it lighter or break out things to actually keep people cooler in hot performing temperatures. there are even pockets that are sewn in and stuff so that you can store ice in there in certain costumes and in certain performances." o- s-f also tries to keep it cool for the people seeing the play too. cj says: "you might see some extra doors open in the back, just to let some more cool air in." o-s-f says everyone planning to see a play outside should plan accordingly and stay hydrated as well. [a19]hot weather osf-live tag cj says if you're seeing any of the plays in the elizabethan theatre and the heat is getting to you, find anyone in a red vest and they'll be able to help you. live in ashland, andryanna sheppard, newswatch 12. turning now to the weather center
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