Ashland Preps for 2019 Pacific Rim Bowl

Ashland football head coach Beau Lehnerz breaks down why the Pacific Rim Bowl cultural exchange is so rewarding.

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 7:08 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 7:08 PM

Speech to Text for Ashland Preps for 2019 Pacific Rim Bowl

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less than two months away and the head coach of the ashland football team beau lehnerz joins me in studio. beau, this is a very cultural exchange and i think a lot of people in southern oregon know what is it important." beau says, "the pacific rim bowl is one of the most amazing cultural exchanges that just happens to include a football game and the ashland grizzlies play a group of japanese all stars from the konsai region of japan and this is the 17th game, the 31st year and we alternate every two years where we play. so this year they're coming here and in two years we'll go over to japan and it's one of the most amazing experiences, both as a head coach, as an assistant, and just nothing but positive feedback from the kids and the community. our motto is it's more than just a game. the game matters, but the bonds and everything that's built that week are probably the strongest and the most important parts of the whole pacific rim bowl." jake says, "well the ashland-japan connection started back in the 1980s. it was chuck mills at the college level with southern oregon who really got that ball rolling and then jim nagel at ashland embraced it at the high school level and pretty much every coach from that point forward embraced it, including current sou head coach charlie hall. obviously with you being an assistant at ashland for quite some time, you're experienced with the pacific rim bowl, take us through some of the off field activities that people can expect your team and the japanese team to go through that week." beau says, "from the moment they get here till the end of the game it's filled. we'll have a peace ceremony at lithia bandshell. when we're over there, we go to the hiroshima peace park, which is unbelievable. we want to replicate that same kind of feeling when they get here. we have the kitchell games on tuesday, we do a lot of competition over there so we're going to match that here and give some of the local area schools the chance to play against the japanese players in 7 on 7. that's just to name a few things. ultimately just treating them as these amazing guests as we're always treated over there and getting our community involved in celebrating this great event." jake says, "obviously your team eager for redemption on the football field, have any of your players come up to you different cultures and just the amount of education that's going to go on that having a chance to now share ashland with their japanese don't know any japanese and i don't know what to do.' but when they get together, teenagers from american and their culture and again, it's more than just a game. we play that at the end but take with them for the rest of their lives." jake says, "the japanese team gets to ashland july 21st, the game on july 26th. i'm sure we'll be following that week of events closely and the game itself, always great to have high school football in the middle of the summer and the cultural exchange just adds even more of an appeal to turning now to chief meteorologist matt hoffman
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