Medford Airport holds mass casualty simulation

Medford Airport holds mass casualty simulation

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 6:26 PM
Updated: Jun 11, 2019 6:26 PM

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"watching out for you, thisleah thompson was at that drill this afternoon and is live at the airport now. she explains what exactly happened during the drill. [a9]rv airport mass casualty training-live stinger there was a lot going on during the simulation. this drill happens every three years. they really have everything as if the crash actually happened. [a11]rv airport mass casualty training-pkg walkie talkie walkie talkies. a plane. fire. volunteers. volunteer we took turns going to the stations to get made up dependent on the injury card we had this simulation had everything an actually emergency would have. for two hours first responders took care of victims. the american red cross was in a section to help with friends and families of the victims. red cross it's really a surreal experience to have a mock and know that it's something that could happen within our community. there was an incident control room in the airport. the airport director took calls from first responders. volunteer i can really see the importance of bringing in the different agencies that are involved and would respond on these circumstances. michael mcclure volunteered his time today to be a victim. he came in early this morning to get make up on to show his injuries. volunteer i think its a good service to do. usually during an emergency like this the police handle crowds and traffic. today they have a different scenario as well. sheriff office this specific exercise had a component where two prisoners were being transported on the airplane that crashed. so we had to go through the dynamic of identifying the prisoners, making sure they were taken into custody and receive any medical treatment that may be neccasary. captain tim snaith from the jackson county sheriff's office said it was unexpected. which is why exercise like this are held at the airport every three years to change up the scenarios. sheriff office i think overall the exercise went well, we worked well together but there is also room for happen every three years. this year is the first year media was invited into this simulation. live in medford leah thompson newswatch 12. [a13]follow up-stinger following up on a story we brought you as breaking news on
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