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Patients with epilepsy can now bring CBD oil onto planes

Patients with epilepsy can now bring CBD oil onto planes

Posted: Jun 3, 2019 6:14 PM
Updated: Jun 3, 2019 6:14 PM

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arrested. announcer says "watching ofda ae families can bring this with through security." nat of cedar talking about products cedar says it's one of the worst things ever. it's terrible. cedar grey had to witness his son ashe have seizures at 13 year old. cedar says especially the first couple they are just horrifying. as a parent there isn't much you can do until the seizure stops. at his worst he was having a seizure a week. cedar grey tried medication from pharmacies to help his son. grey found alternative medicines sometimes more helpful. cedar says both cbd and thc are very helpful for him. now ashe is 19. with the help from cbd and thc, he's doing a lot better. grey tells me it's one of the reasons he started his company called siskiyou sungrown. cedar says we found that cannabis helps him in many other ways. ashe is also autistic. so these products help him with anxiety and sleeping. products the company makes. grey says he was inspired to make products for the company like the sleeping capsules. cedar says i guess for people who haven't had these experiences i would really like them to know that cbd and thc really changed kids lives for the better. these changes within the tsa started because of the 2018 farm bill. cedar says other than a few exceptions, i think the 2018 farm bill really clarified the legality of hemp. now hemp is legal to produce, buy, sell and to make products across the country. because of this change tsa is allowing families like the greys to bring that needed cbd oil onto planes. in grants pass leah thompson newswatch 12. [a9]tsa cbd oil on planes-tag even though tsa does allow fda approved cbd oil, it is still illegal to
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