Medford neighborhood marks 40 years as historic district

Medford neighborhood marks 40 years as historic district

Posted: May 24, 2019 7:24 PM
Updated: May 24, 2019 7:24 PM

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newswatch 12. neden gave me a tour of the neighborhood today, shared some of it's old stories, and explained why passing down the history of neighborhood is important. cover with vo vicki says, "for me personally it's just very enriching to my life to know the history of the community and be able to share it with other people." vicki bryden grew up in this neighborhood ...and lives here still in an old, historic house. vicki says, "it'll be 49 years this summer." exactly 40 years ago, she and her neighbors fought to make this area a historic district. vicki says, "the people that lived up and down the street at the time in the early years of 1900s were the wheeler and dealer's movers and shakers of the community." her own house was built in 1909. vicki says, "in my home there was edison marshall who became a national novelist and he lived in the house in the 20s but he grew up down the street." as we walked through the neighborhood... vicki pointed out building after building..and told me story after story. vicki says, "dr. porter was one of the first doctors in medford and he bought this home in about 1910 1912 he came from boston. butt to vicki says, "this building was the first school in medford. it is probably one of the oldest building still standing in medford." butt to vicki says, "it was built by alendorfer was an early mayor of medford in the late 20s into the 30s but then he lost it during the depression in the 30s. she's recording history...passing it on....and honoring the past. vicki says, "i think it's important that we take care of our community and we remember the past and the people who made our community what it is today." and for vicki and her own's about keeping history... alive. vicki says, "it's taken a lot of care over the years it was a bargain when we bought it and a new roof a few years ago was way more than what we bought the house for ." [d17]historical
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