Skilled to Work: Eagle Point CTE

Skilled to Work: Eagle Point CTE

Posted: May 24, 2019 6:17 PM
Updated: May 24, 2019 6:17 PM

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[a25]skilled to alicia says: all of these students here are involved in an auto-mechanics shop at eagle point high school. it might not seem like such a big deal but today i talked to a former student who tells me this shop right here got her started on her on her career path to be very successful in something she never really thought could happen. nats justus says: "i was always a kid in the back of the classroom." matthew says: "she didn't come to school half the time her freshman year" justus shares a story pretty similar to many kids for a multitude of reasons, school isn't something everyone enjoys or is good at. justus says: "i didn't want to pay attention to the rest of my classes i started to fail math my science my language but coming in here i had a sense of something else i could do it kept my mind busy" nats cte classes like auto-mechanics, give students another track, other than a four-year degree. justus says: "some students don't even know if they're going to graduate high school let alone go to college" matthew says: "just being exposed to multiple careers -- that helps a student kind of plan a path and develop a pathway for their education or industry careers" many cte programs are also connected to leadership organizations like skills u-s-a that allow students to compete in projects, gain experience, and network with industries all while attending high school. justus says: "i was going to rogue community college under the automotive program here studying to become an auto mechanic" justus isn't the only success story to come out of c-t-e classes. nats matthew says: "i have students in almost every industry in the valley from hvac to plumbing to diesel repair collision and paint automotive mechanics." mr. boren says around this time of year he's getting multiple calls a week looking for students to hire. matthew says: "many of those folks that are calling me or ask students that have been so successful they are now operating their own businesses they're managing other people's businesses." students that go through c-t-e programs learn foundational skills for the workforce, like creating a resume, conducting an interview, and keeping a timecard. in eagle point, alicia rubin, newswatch 12. [a28]skilled to work web push-tag we have even more information about
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