Ashland Budget Committee creates plan to fix general fund deficit

The City of Ashland says it's on its way to fixing the $2 million-a-year budget deficit for the general fund.

Posted: May 23, 2019 6:55 PM
Updated: May 23, 2019 6:55 PM

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citi-vo on newswatch 12 yesterday - we told you ashland fire chief mike d'orazi resigned after being told he needed to cut the department's budget by 300 thousand dollars. the city budget committee plans to present a new budget to the city council soon. newswatch 12's emma balkenbush joins us live in ashland. she tells us what this budget would mean for people in ashland if city councilors adopt it. a city administrator tells me making up this deficit will take a combination of bringing in money a few different ways while still making some cuts to city positions. here's a look at how city would bring money in. it would increase building permit fees, add a five percent franchise fee on the ashland fiber network .. that would not mean higher costs for customers. the network itself would pay that fee. the city would also increase property taxes to its full authority. for the average homeowner - the fee would increase 4.5 cents, which would equal about 13 dollars a year. i asked a city administrator how the city found itself in this deficit. kelly madding says the city has added positions to the general fund in the past that weren't really looked at for long-term funding. but that's just one part of the problem. [a33]ashland budget folo-sotvo "you know we have some costs that go up that we have no feels like year after year." if adopted - the city would also be cutting a handful of positions. but madding says a majority of them are already vacant. for example - two police positions that are vacant would not be filled. from here the city council will review this budget at their next meeting june 4th. if they adopt it - it would go into effect july 1st. that's when all of those from here the city council that's when all of those changes would start happening. reporting live in ashland, emma balkenbush, newswatch 12. california lawmakers are trying to ban smoking at state
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