Restaurants could be banned from using styrofoam

Restaurants could be banned from using styrofoam

Posted: May 20, 2019 6:12 PM
Updated: May 20, 2019 6:12 PM

Speech to Text for Restaurants could be banned from using styrofoam

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"watching out foleah says, "this restaurant behind me in rogue river already got rid of styrofoam and this is just the first step they're taking to help the environment." nat taqueria la guacamaya is taking a bite out of climate change. romero we want to help. we want to put a little bit of our part for the environment. julio romero is the manager at the restaurant in rogue river. the change away from styrofoam started last week. romero it's a little bit more expensive, but you know we are going to have to work that out. this is what the new paper to go containers look like. and this is the old containers they are finishing using. romero started this change because of his customers. romero in my case whatever i can do will do. i mean there's not going to be that much, but you know little by little i think we can make a difference. right? hess anytime anyone is making that transition to help out the environment i really think that that's a positive. ryan hess is the mayor of rogue river. he stopped at the restaurant to eat lunch with the rogue river clean up and we are trying to do the same thing here in rogue river. and i think that with the debate in the oregon legislature. he said he's heard about it...but made the switch for the environment. he is also if they want the straw or not. cities in oregon have passed similar laws about styrofoam.. if it becomes law it will be the first this bill will be discussed in the
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