Power Shut Down

Power Shut Down

Posted: May 18, 2019 11:44 AM
Updated: May 18, 2019 11:44 AM

Speech to Text for Power Shut Down

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coverage tonight -- pacific power regulations in will allow pacific power to shut down power supply to prevent wildfires. and today one business i spoke with told me that losing power, depending on how long, could cost their business thousands." dori says, "it would be devastating." dori ebejer is the owner of j&d's family diner in yreka. she worries what a shutdown could mean for her small business. dori says, "i understand that everybody has to be proactive, but they also have to be mindful that by doing the shutdowns it's not just like oh ok well this is going to help fire season they have to look beyond that, they have to realize that they're affecting other people's lives." losing power for more than a few hours, could spoil thousands of dollars of food inside the diner. dori says, "you're talking steaks and fish and things that won't hold." and beyond that... she worries for her employees. dori says, "they depend on us in order to be able to pay their bills and if we are shut down, that would make their paychecks much smaller and they depend on a certain amount every month to pay the rent and the bills." for those who have generators... they aren't too worried about the shutdowns. linda says, "anything that can help, the power lines, cleaning up around your property... yes that's what we have to do." sanchez has lived in california for 30 years and says she's willing to do what it takes to prevent another fire season as bad as last year... linda says, "the lesser evil is definitely the power going out." cassidy says, "as of now, these public safety power shutoff protocols are not in place for oregon, but pacific power is adopting a new wildfire safety plan for oregon as well. that plan includes monitoring the grid, weather conditions, equipment inspections and increased vegetation management. in yreka, cassidy
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