Take a Hike: Taylor Creek Trail

One of Merlin's favorite trails is on the road to recovery a year after the Taylor Creek Fire.

Posted: May 15, 2019 8:02 PM
Updated: May 15, 2019 8:02 PM

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jake says, "the taylor creek fire left an ugly scar on the taylor creek trail, but a year later, many parts of the 10-mile loop are doing well. today we take a look at that progress. let's go for a ride and let's take a hike." one of merlin's gems, the taylor creek trail is on the road to recovery. a lightning strike on july 15th of last year started a fire that would cover over 50 thousand acres, which includes the area we're in today. but you can see most of the scenery is green. and the landslides, rockfalls and burned trees that still are apparent in parts of hellgate canyon, are mostly free from the early portion of the trail. it's a hike that tests your stamina more than your strength. 10 and a half miles point to point... and much of the elevation gain greeted with a descent. make sure to stay on the right path... as seven other trails connect to the taylor creek backbone. our hike drops into the taylor creek drainage... making scenic views of the water a definite plus. about halfway incline to get to our destination. today that destination is where the creek meets the waterfall. normally it would be a scenic shot and we'd keep on moving... but today, that's nearly impossible. jake says, "at the mile and a half point, we come across the biggest effect of the fire. the bridge to get us to the other side of the trail is no longer here. now it is possible to get across, but in running water, that does not come recommended. in merlin, jake garcia, newswatch 12." [e3]take a hike tag-vo if
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