Citizens gather to practice disaster response

Citizens gather to practice disaster response

Posted: Mar. 15, 2019 6:18 PM
Updated: Mar. 15, 2019 6:18 PM

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from several backgrounds are learning talking organized chaos. that's probably the best way to describe today's learning opportunity. nats of people looking at cards here's how the game worked: the teams here had to choose 12 cards. each card had a resource on it...that could help in an emergency. nats: 10 emt citizens or volunteers? why not both? but here's the twist: at first...they didn't know what disaster was coming. nats: we've determined a water disaster is most likely so were focusing on supplies for that. based on clues, they guessed correctly. today's disaster was a flood. but then the teams were switched up...and folks had to find someone in the room who had the resource they needed to save their imaginary neighborhoods. some teams were done quicker than others. nats: we filled our board. we have everything we need. others struggled a little bit...but that's exactly the point. carrie says, "i learned a lot. i learned that we have the ability to improvise." carrie prechtel attended the event today...and works with allcare health. for her, today's flood hit close to home. carrie says, "i'm local and i was here during the 97 flood warehouse just across the street fell into wagner creek butt to i remember all the out houses lined up on siskyou boulevard and people event. "communication is a huge problem across groups." he says communication was an issue today.... but is also key in an disaster area. and there was lots of learning done today. carrie says, "we have to work together and build up skills so that in the event of a about this program, just head to in ashland, rachel tiede, newswatch 12."
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