Daycare Regulations to keep your kids safe

A nine-month old infant died after becoming unconscious in a day care center in Lane County in August. Now, House Republicans are demanding to know why they're only learning about it now.

Posted: Mar. 15, 2019 11:38 AM
Updated: Mar. 15, 2019 11:38 AM

Speech to Text for Daycare Regulations to keep your kids safe

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medford police is looking died in a letter to a oregon's u.s. attorney today- wilson said it was either "gross negligence" by a d-h-s or it was covered up for political reasons. the death occurred in the middle of governor campaign. the house g-o-p is asking the department of justice to examine the death and the steps taken by the government after it. republicans says they're concerned by the disturbing pattern of failures and questionable practices within the department of human services. talked with a local daycare provider about how the state regulated her business. she told me that there's a new regulation that if a daycare is cited with any violations, they'll have to inform all the parents." kimberly says "if the offense is founded then you have to actually post it where parents can find it and notify the partents that you have actually been found not following regulations." kimberly says she's never been cited and always makes sure she's meeting state regulations. to find any violations ...she says the state makes unanncounced visits to her day care, precious angels. kimberly says "i don't know when...she just will knock on the door and walk in. and she's checki ng for safety, are medications put away, that there's no unsafe objects all chemicals are put up ...." she says a parent complaint can also be the root of an investigation kimberly says "they can call the office of childcare. if they see a violation of compliance than they can report it. then of course that would cause the state to come out and investigate it." i asked wilson how she would have to go if there were any injury or incident in her day care. kimberly says "well of course you have to report anything. even like if a child gets have to report any injury. so i've never actually had any kind would be a full investigation of course. the office of child care would come out and try to find a cause." mari says: kimberly told me that the state is looking for a number of different things when they make unaccouned visits to her daycare. head to kdrv.come for a full list of what she told me. in medford, mari nelson, newswatch 12." turning now to our weather team.
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