Being Close To Family is the Main Reason Dr. Shumate is Relocating

Dr. Brian Shumate is leaving resigning as the superintendent of the Medford School District. His reasoning is very simple. He wants to be closer to his family in Kentucky.

Posted: Feb. 21, 2019 11:11 PM
Updated: Feb. 21, 2019 11:11 PM

Speech to Text for Being Close To Family is the Main Reason Dr. Shumate is Relocating

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without a gun. [a "today we are learnininini that medford school district is on the lookout for a new closer to his family in kentucky." he has been the superintendent of the medford school district since 2014. he stressed very heavily that he still loves the medford school district, but being far away from family was becoming to much. "some life events happened. my father passed away, and so, we started to feel the need to be back on that side of the country. where i could be close to my family within a few hours drive." he mentioned that during his interviews with the troup county school system in georgia, that he bragged about the medford school district so much that they wondered why he even wanted to leave. that was just it, it had nothing to do with like his future hometown is extremely similar to medford. "there is a lot of upside. it does remind me a lot of the medford community, and i think there is a lot of appeal to that. the size of reasons, but to be in that region is very important too." not only is it the city that he feels is so close to medford. it is the school district as well. he feels as though they put the same effort into their schools as they do right here in medford. "he mentioned in his press is not going to interfere with decision making on the hiring process, but he will be available for advice if they need it. reporting at the medford school district offices, cameron derby, newswatch12." the medford school district will be giving out chromebooks
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