Roasted Beet Salad

NewsWatch 12's Alicia Rubin gives us a look at how the Bonaventure makes roasted Beet Salad.

Posted: Feb. 14, 2019 12:53 PM
Updated: Feb. 14, 2019 12:53 PM

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a: welcome back in the kitchen. i'm here with bonaventure senior living we've got chris and jennifer here with us today and what are we making today c: we're making a valentine's themed with a roasted beet salad with local hazelnuts, local blue cheese from rogue creamery j: shout out to rogue creamery c: always use local stuff when we can. all right for the salad. first of all, we're going to start off with vinaigrette and i made it pretty simple. you beans in it of course two freshly scraped vanilla beans. it's got olive oil of course it's got balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, a i have worked with is a little bit of whole ground mustard, it will help them all. keep it emulsified and look very good. a: mustard is a secret ingredient. c: it is, it holds it all together. a: awesome good to that's ready put that to the side, we get our plate for the salad got some lovely roasted beets here, got some gold ones. a: now these are for about an hour a: perfect c: be careful when messing with red beets, you will get this everywhere you won't there a reason that you're mixing them and having both just to kind of add c: its more well here's the thing. theme and it kind of brings that out. so, and the gold ones are just a lot more mellow the little bit lighter and flavor and touch same way, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and same amount of time. a: okay c: next we're gonna go with baby arugula and that goes go with freshly crumbled rogue creamery blue cheese, which is amazing best blue cheese i've ever had. a: oh wow c: doesn't get any better than local as well. a: how pretty too c: okay, that's about all the blue off, we're going to put on some roasted local hazelnuts cause hazelnuts love to grow up in oregon a: definitely a local theme here, c: without a doubt, and that's what and alright, so here's the vinaigrette that we made and simply all you have to do is meal for anyone to enjoy can make this in the comfort of your own home very simple announcer says "watching out for you, this is newswatch 12 midday" in breaking news... we just found out about a murder suicide that happened earlier this morning in klamath falls... the klamath county sheriff's office says a man shot a live-in care giver. the accused shooter was reported to be the jackson county
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