Fentanyl Test Strips at Medford Public Library

Fentanyl Test Strips at Medford Public Library

Posted: Jan. 22, 2019 11:08 PM
Updated: Jan. 22, 2019 11:08 PM

Speech to Text for Fentanyl Test Strips at Medford Public Library

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says "watching out for you, this is newswatchow mas mission is having one of its education and distribution events. it's handing out something they haven't before. fentanyl test stripes." fentanyl is normally a prescription pain reliever. it's being mixed with street drugs like heroin. someone buying street drugs may have no way of knowing the already dangerous heroin is laced with a deadly synthetic opioid. in 2018 jackson county had at least 25 overdose deaths. and max's mission is doing something to change that julia says, "we are doing this to help save lives in southern oregon." tomorrow the organization is handing out fentanyl test strips. the strips are used on prescription drugs and street drugs. the strip will tell you if the fentanyl is mixed in. julia says, "another tool in harm reduction. to help save lives. and with the scale of the epidemic being so broad we feel like we have to embrace everything we can." max's mission is handing this out along with naloxone. a drug used to reverse an opioid overdose. the strips and the naloxone are free.. julia pinsky is very passionate about naloxone and getting it in the hands of people who could use it.. julia says, "my son max died from an overdose." "we lived in an rural area lots of people in jackson county live in rural areas and emergency response time is longer then it is if you live in medford." julia belives if she had naloxone at the time her son was overdosing she might have been able to save him/ julia says, "the quicker you can respond to an overdose the more likely you are to save a life. jackson county has a law called the good samaritan overdose law. it protects you if you call for medical help because of an overdose. so you can't be arrested or prosecuted if you have drugs on you or have a warrent. in medford leah thompson newswatch 12. [a18] to vo for the stories we have
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