Greg Walden Reflects on Town Halls

Greg Walden Reflects on Town Halls

Posted: Jan. 18, 2019 6:42 PM
Updated: Jan. 18, 2019 6:42 PM

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our team coverage of representativemeeting was a heated than the one in grants pass this morning, but there were still plenty of topics covered." crowd stands, hear pledge of allegiance as representative walden took the stage ...and introduced the flags for the national anthem...americans stood side by side to honor our nation... party lines.. invisible. as the day went on.... they became more appearant. nats of boos, cheers some of the issues tackled here today included the border wall, housing, opioids, fire season, climate change and health care. representative walden hasn't done a town hall in this region since 2017...but says he's done more than 100 town halls over the past 6 well as a number of phone town halls, answered emails, and answered comments online. walden says, 'i responded to 168,000 letters phone calls emails so there's all kinds of ways in today's multimedia environment to hear from people." he says today's town halls...and the other 13 in other areas of the him create his to-do list. walden says, "i wanna hear from people and to report back on what i've done i think i have an obligation to do that." walden also pushed the importance of bipartisanship... and said he's happy to work across the aisle. walden says, "we worked it out we got things done and that's what i tried to do is listen to all sides as district for the state and for nation." he says he plans to continue to work across party lines... as the shutdown continues. and as he looks back on 20 years of public service in the house ...he says he's learned the importance of finding similarities between people. walden says, "i've learned that tough public issues are harder to resolve especially when the anger level gets turned up it's better to be calm and just see where you can find common ground." rachel says, "these town halls are a part of a 16 town hall tour. you can find that list on our on the housing crisis, representative walden said he wants to sit down with local leaders to find solutions to the on the
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