Local Family Creates GoFundMe for Federal Employees During Government Shutdown

Local Family Creates GoFundMe for Federal Employees During Government Shutdown

Posted: Jan 12, 2019 6:58 PM
Updated: Jan 12, 2019 6:58 PM

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government sheppard is live in the studio she shows us how the whitehead's hope the region will come together to help their fellow oregonians. more than three weeks have come and gone in this partial government shutdown, making it the longest government shutdown in government history. now jenn and david whitehead and stepping up, hoping others will participate. [a14]furloughed gofundme-pkg jenn whitehead teaches first grade at rogue river elementary school while her husband david whitehead is a retired airman who owns a business that does i-t work for school districts. they aren't directly affected by this government shutdoown but say if they were in this spot they know they would appreciate the help. david says: "if i found myself in the situation fortunately i'm not it would be tough and so we thought how can we help and that's what we decide to just do a go fund me page." that page is called shutdown help for federal employees. of those 800 thousand employees furloughed or working without pay--- nearly 96 hundred of them are oregonians. and there is no end to the partial government shutdown in sight. jenn says: "and for us it wasn't about whether this was border patrol the border control i was building the wall it was about americans helping americans and the act of kindness the goal right now is set at 10 thousand dollars. the whitehead's say there will be a screening process to make sure those who apply for help are in fact government employees and the amount that's given to each person will be based on need. they say the more money that's donated, the more families they can help out. david says: "we're all in this together these are our neighbors are friends we run into them in the store that are federal employees that buy stuff locally that may not be able to now because they don't get a paycheck and that's tough that would be tough." the whiteheads hope other communities will do the same. if you'd like a link to that gofundme page to donate or if you want to learn how you can apply to get help if you are a southern oregon federal employee, head to our website, k-d-r-v dot com. [a16]today-stinger a
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