Flu season is at it's peak

Flu season is at it's peak

Posted: Jan 12, 2019 11:45 AM
Updated: Jan 12, 2019 11:45 AM

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played for entertainment only. federally legal. an oregon representative just proposed a new bill. and southern oregon is facing a new problem with recycling. if you don't follow the rules you can lose youre recycling bin. [e3]headlines-wipe to vo and a shooting at an eugene middle school leaves one dead. we will explain what happened inside the school before the shooting happened. announcer says "watching out for you, this is newswatch 12 this morninthen it would give "bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives" the power to regulate the weed industry. has wanted to make marijuana legal at the federal level for years. he's also the founder and co- chair of the congressional cannabis caucus. the man accused of trying to information on thursday. the man facing charges is anthony anderson. this is cell phone video after police say he demanded to be let onto a plane. he refused to show i-d or a ticket. police say he had 4 guns. police say anderson tried to reach his gun in a shoulder holster ...but police were able to hit his hand away. anderson is facing 4 charges. the judge set his bail at 100 thousand dollars...and said if he posts it... he's not allowed to go to the airport, or have guns and ammunition. his next court date is set for january 18th. [e7]eugene school shoooting-vo an officer involved shooting g the man from cascade middle school in eugene. that's when he pulled out a gun. there was a struggle with the officer. then the officer shot the man. the school was on lock down while police investigated. many students were released from school early. "it's been a day. i don't even know what time it is yeah, it's a crazy day. the police have not identify the man that was killed. they say the man was being escorted out of the building after a custody dispute. according to the d-e-q, much recent report available. but trent carpenter with southern oregon sanitation says those numbers won't tell the whole story for 2018. he says the recycling rate numbers will likely go down, but that's because of the new recycling rules that went into effect in 2017. china stopped importing certain recyclable materials, meaning recycling companies in the u-s had nowhere to sell the products to. that meant they often went to landfills. now, s-o-s and other recycling companies are working on "contamination studies" to limit contaminated recycling so they can sell it to companies within the u-s. because the market place has changed, the supply and demand is changed. when china went out of the marketplace they were buying to continue that market place. continued violation of recycling rules can result in the loss of a recycling bin.. an incredible story of ...jayme closs... was miraculously found alive. sheriff chris fitzgerald/barron co: "the suspect had specific intentions to kidnap jayme. the 13-year-old vanished on october 15th after her parents james and denise were found shot and killed in their home near barron. authorities spent months searching for her. then - on thursday- a miracle. jayme approached a woman walking her dog -- 70 miles north of where she was last seen. jeanne nutter, woman who found jayme closs/wcco: when i first saw her i thought oh did she run away, did somebody dump her off here, because she didn't have coats or gloves. then when she told me who she was i figured she must have left in a hurry they went to a nearby house asking for help ... and the couple called 9-1-1. peter kasinskas/neighbor who helped jayme closs: "i was in absolute shock." kristin for weeks." shortly after - police arrested and charged 21-year-old jake thomas patterson with 2 counts of first degree murder and one count of kidnapping. police say he held jayme in a home in a remote area. it is unclear whether patterson has an attorney, or how he intends to plead. sheriff chris fitzgerald/barron co: "we also know now that the suspect was not at home, while we dont know how she escaped at this time we believe that the suspect was out looking for her when law enforcement made contact with him." as for jayme...she's now safe with family - after almost three months missing. sheriff chris fitzgerald/barron co: it's amazing the will of that 13 year old girl to survive and escape. i'm omar jimenez reporting. as new information is released we will be sure to released by the c-d-c. data shows that between 69- thousand and 83-thousand people have been hospitalized because of the virus so far. three children died because of the flu last the week. that brings the pediatric death toll this season to 16. the c-d-c says the flu is present in every state -- thirty states have reported widespread flu activity. fifteen have reported high levels of flu activity. today: some showers could
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