Oregon Not Expected to Meet Recycling Goal

Oregon is not expected to meet it's 2020 recycling goal. The goal is for Oregon to recover 52 percent of items thrown in the trash in that time period.

Posted: Jan 12, 2019 11:12 AM
Updated: Jan 12, 2019 11:12 AM

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right now, oregon is not on tako the street, trucks come and pick it up. they take it to these giant piles at rogue transfer and recycling. everyday things that you use like, your milk jugs. remember, take the lids off. they throw them onto this. it takes it all the way up this bailor, and they fall into a compactor, where they become these giant compacted cubes, on the other side of the way there." recycling problems here in southern oregon can acutally be traced back to overseas. china stopped importing recycled materials near the beginning of 2018. so now, you can't recycle some of the same items you used to. it is a big reason why oregon won't make it's 2020 goal. the state is trying to recover and recycle 52 percent of items thrown out by then. sot: trent carpenter says," the china syndrome, or the china episode that really changed the world of recycling didn't happen until late until 2017, when it affected this local area. so, 2017 still looks really good. for 2018, a lot of recycle material ended up going to landfills because of the mix change. ...meaning next year's report will make it appear that oregon is even further from its 2020 goal. but there seems to be a simple solution, for this complex problem. don't throw trash, into the recycle bin. sot: "let's say that garden hose goes in with a bunch of milk jugs and stuff that could potentially be rejected at the processor, or the end plant that would make those milk jugs into something else." southern oregon sanitation is conducting contamination studies ...seperating contaminated materials from recoverable materials. it's so trash thrown in the recycle bin, like bike chains, doesn't ruin the material able to be recycled. reporter tag: and once they get these piles sorted up into these bins, they use the infromation to be able to educate certain neighborhoods on who is doing good, and who is doing bad. you are actually being graded to an extent. you can be expecting these tags on your bins. if you get this one, you're getting an a+. this one, you may need to be paying a little more attention in
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