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Free Wildlife Images Tours

Free Wildlife Images Tours

Posted: Jan. 12, 2019 9:41 AM
Updated: Jan. 12, 2019 9:41 AM

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says "watching out for you,information on thursday. the man facing charges is anthony anderson. this is cell phone video after police say he demanded to be let onto a plane. he refused to show i-d or a ticket. police say he had 4 guns and .... that anderson tried to reach his gun in a shoulder holster...but police were able to hit his hand away. the judge set his bail at 100 thousand dollars...and said if he posts it... he's not allowed to go to the airport, or have guns and ammunition. his next court date is set for january 18th. a grants pass family is fed fritz espy was working in his shop when he heard a truck's engine roaring and knew exactly what was coming. seconds later - the driver lost control, crashing through espy's fence and into a tree. it's an all too familiar scene.. he and his family have lived in this home on the long stretch of cloverlawn drive for about 2 years. but it's been in the family for much longer. espy says the crashes have only gotten worse. "had he gone you know two to two and a half feet to any further to the righthand upside down in the driveway and the last one is why we put the barriers in because to remember they're putting his remember they're putting his family's life in danger when they choose to speed past his home. rural metro fire says the passengers in thursday's crash are in the hospital with serious injuries. the cause is still under investigation. [a14]led lighting-ots the city of medford is ve this without having to you know put other projects on hold or we may be able to different part of our options." staff members will start to see what companies may be interested marijuana off the federal controlled substances list. then it would give the "bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives" the power to regulate the weed industry. has wanted to make marijuana legal at the federal level for years. he's also the founder and co- chair of the congressional cannabis caucus. a california police force is says officer natalie corona was shot while investigating a three-vehicle crash on thursday. police say she was 22 years old. she had only been out on her own for just a few weeks. the davis police chief describes her as a "star" in the department. i've heard her described from officers as our daughter and our friend and just a sister we all wanted. this is an absolutely devastating loss to the police department. police say the suspect shot himself. no word on what led up to the shooting. about two monthstretch of feder selected by the trump administration in june to temporarily shelter unaccompanied migrant children housed nearly three-thousand minors at its peak. the tent city mostly housed kids who arrived unaccompanied at the southwest border with mexico-- including some who were detained as part of the administration's family separation practice. the official with the contractor said friday the vast majority of the kids have been placed with sponsors. and about 300 were moved to other facilities while still in the sponsorship process. protests against the government shutdown continue across the country. about 800-thousand federal workers are impacted by the shutdown. about 420-thousand of those have to continue to work without being paid. the rest have been sent home. "very disconcerting. very disconcerting. it affects so many things other than just our pay, which is huge. but it affects our retirement. it affects just everything. health insurance. everything. we expected to get back pay during the government shutdown. the senate passed a bill thursday. majority leader mitch mcconnell said president trump plans to sign it into law. the bill was initially passed a few weeks ago, but had to be re- introduced in new congress before reaching the senate again. today.. the pof the partial shu. that's the same length of time as the 21-day shutdown that occurred from december 19-95 to january 19-96. as for efforts to end the shutdown, no meetings between the white house and congressional staff are expected this week. and both houses of congress have adjourned for the weekend. employees try to keep up the slack... they're doing it without something pretty important -- a paycheck. as the shutdown continues... more and more t-s-a employees are calling in sick... rather than work without pay. the oregon food bank goes for federal contractors as well. wildlife images hopes a tour can give employees and their families a little happiness during this hard time. now through the end of the shutdown, people just need to bring a federal id or badge to get tour. wildlife images is open friday through sunday in
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