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Rural Metro Fire says a driver and passenger are in the hospital after hitting a tree on the 3800 block of Cloverlawn Drive last night.

Posted: Fri Jan 11 18:11:34 PST 2019
Updated: Fri Jan 11 18:11:35 PST 2019


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right into this family's fence. the man who lives here tells me he was outside in his yard working when he watched that drive lose control and crash into his property, landing just feet away from his son's bedroom. after years of dealing with reckless drivers, he has a message for anyone driving behind the wheel. this home on a long stretch of cloverlawn drive has been in his family for years. "it's a beautiful spot you know that's why we chose to buy it, we're blessed to have a home for my boy to grow up vehicles right on the corner of this house." last night he heard the all too familiar sound of an engine roaring past. seconds later - he found himself trying to help the people trapped inside. "me and several other people had to drag them both out the passenger side, it was a very unfortunate thing, two people very lucky to be alive." the scene is deja-vu from two other crashes. one of them - landing right up against the family's home. after that - they put these cement blocks on their property, hoping to add a layer of protection. the long, flat stretch of road is unmarked for speed, leaving espy feeling frustrated. he says he sees countless drivers going 65 and 70 miles per hour. he says the only thing he can do is hope their common sense kicks in. and if it doesnt.. he's already making plans to add plenty of space between them and his loved ones. "i want the driveway to go across this creek and our house would be another 150 feet off the road, and i'd turn this into a shop, and then if somebody wants to drive through it, go ahead." in grants pass, emma balkenbush, newswatch 12. rural metro fire says the passengers in last night's
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