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Ribs With Polenta Cake

NewsWatch 12's Kate Houston gives us a look at Ribs with Polenta Cake from Liquid Assets.

Posted: Thu Jan 10 12:45:01 PST 2019
Updated: Thu Jan 10 12:45:02 PST 2019

Speech to Text for Ribs With Polenta Cake

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brockley, a chef from liquid assets in ashland. thank you so much for coming out. b: thank you for having me. k: and let me say you have a perfect name for working in a restaurant. yes, it totally fits k: lolololohat. and so what are we cooking today. b: today, we're gonna be doing the braised short rib. braised for about four hours with some vegetables and just a bunch of hot water. we're going to rebraise that and it will be served with the nice crispy polenta cake and some fresh sage from our garden. k: wonderful. let's get started b: so we're just gonna get this pan nice and hot. want to be a kind of smoking when you throw the polenta on. and we're going to season it with just a little bit of salt on both sides. k: so is there anything that you do to the short rib to prepare it? b: yes, i make a little rub out of smoked paprika, garlic and onion powder, a little bit of salt & pepper and i rub all the short ribs and then sear on all sides, kind of caramelizing that skin and just elevates the flavor a little bit more, then i throw it in with a bunch of water and a lot of fresh sage from the garden so if you can see the smoke flying up there a little bit k: yeah you can see it here so b: watch out, its going to get kinda poppy k: lot of poppy, poppy ready for it. b: so i like to give it that initial sear first kind of let it sit there for like 15-20 seconds. i then pop it in the oven, flip it over and you will see that really nice golden- brown crust on it. i'm gonna come around right around you k: i will step to the side and get out of the about about three or four minutes. go ahead and check this polenta cake then. you can see the nice crust start to form at the bottom. see how it nicely released off of it? k: oh yeah you can hear that sear too b: hear that sizzle. then we'll just pop it back in a couple minutes and let the bottom with a little bit of butter and salt kind of create a sauce on top of the short ribs k: anything with better, i am a fan b: butter makes everything better. so let's grab the polenta cake out and plate this bad boy up. k: alright b: we have our lovely polenta cake. gently take it off. always have a towel on the handle. beautiful. so now we are going to put the polenta cake right there on the right side. take the short ribs like it on the outside. both kind of sticking up that short rib k: wow that looks so good. b: there we are look at that. nice dollop of horseradish moose. and then nice little amount of pea shoot oil. and some nice fresh sage from our herb garden right out front. k: a lot of really wonderful flavors working together here. and it's just seems like the perfect hearty meal during the winter months for sure. great b: and you've got the short ribs from liquid how to make this this looks absolutely delicious. b: thank you so much. you can find that recipie and more on our website at
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