400 Toys Collected From Old Fashion Christmas Toy Drive

400 Toys Collected From Old Fashion Christmas Toy Drive

Posted: Dec 15, 2018 10:13 AM
Updated: Dec 15, 2018 10:13 AM

Speech to Text for 400 Toys Collected From Old Fashion Christmas Toy Drive

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lls to trucks and everything in between around 400 toys were donated today after an event that was held last night." in one night sadie cummings and terrie day were able to collect a lot of toys. sadie and terrie say "oh my goodness do think four hundred? maybe. i would guess around 400." they were able to donate hundreds of toys by having an old fashion christmas toy drive. to attend the event you had to bring a toy. sadie says "the toys was kind of the whole point of the event" sadie and terrie also wanted to bring the community together. sadie says "to give back to the community and we wanted to create just a beautiful event to let all these generous people come and enjoy themselves once they've donated their toys." and today terrie day "we just delivered the gifts to the salvation army." you can tell just how many toys they donated ... remember around 400... by looking inside the minivan. some nat sound. giving back to the salvation army is something really important to terrie. terrie day says "so this charity is really close to my heart because i was a child who depended on these gifts from the salvation army." for sadie as well terrie day says " and sadie kind of grew up attending charity events and being part of those so together we just wanted to give back to the community." before they even left the salvation army parking lot... the two already stared discussing what they are going to do next year to help their community. in medford leah thompson newswatch 12. our season
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