Billboard Dispute: Citation Ordered After Signs Left Up

Billboard Dispute: Citation Ordered After Signs Left Up

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 5:22 PM
Updated: Dec 14, 2018 5:22 PM

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mendeola is now facing several charges. biances are you've seen these signs behind me. they're at the corner of grants pass parkway and m street. and they're now at the center of a debate between a property owner and city ordinances." "it's only the height which is an issue. they've built a structure that is too large by the development code. it has to be eight feet or less and so we're asking them to come in compliance." he says that since grants pass is a tourist town, they want a uniform look throughout the city. and billboards are not allowed. "billboards are defined in the municipal code as a sign that's on a vacant property, doesn't have a building on it. and then when we go down into the different categories of permitted or exempt or prohibited, billboards are prohibited." some have suggested that since the signs often contain political messages... the move is political. "we weren't trying to change this guy's view point. we were just trying to make sure we didn't get a bunch of these all over town, that made our town have a different drive-thru feel." lora glover, the parks & community development director explained how the city deals with code violations. "we'll do a couple of series of letters. if they don't respond or haven't taken issue with it, then we turn the matter over to the code enforcement under public safety. and then they start the citation process." that citation process has begun. the owner, ward ock-in-din says he hasn't received proper notice. he declined an interview today. lora glover described their relationship leading up to this point. "very professional. we've always gotten along very well. i spoke to him about a year or so ago about this, he happened to be in the office. the property has been on the market and he thought this issue would be personal disucssions about politics here. but i certainly don't let that enter into the decision about his property there other property owner has ashland
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