In the Kitchen: Chicken Tortilla Soup

NewsWatch 12's Alicia Rubin is in the Kitchen with Andy from Casablanca with a look at Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:47:46 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Nov 15 12:47:47 PST 2018

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here with andy from casablanca and today we are making chicken tortilla soup. andy: yes. it's one of our mainstays at casablanca, we've had it there for 11 years, i think, alicia: wow. yeah, well, perfect for this time of year when it starts getting andy: first you have to start off by making chicken broth, whether you're making from a condensed product or you boil a chicken or if you have an insta pot or pressure cooker. 20 minutes cooks entire chicken. it's amazing. alicia: yeah, insta pots are incredible. andy: little bit of oil on the bottom of the pan. i like to take our salsita, chunky salsa, pico de gallo, or salsa of your choice. . get that simmering, once that starts to cook before burning the onions and everything, put in my broth. gonna let that heat up. alicia: and again, you said store bought broth is ok, you can create your own, up to you. andy: you can do have chicken for snacks, for kids and it's like i said with an insta pot is 20 minutes ready to go. alicia: right. andy: so once that's heating up that's pretty much it. i like to put a flavor in your broth that you made. traditional mexican style puts a little bit of chipotle. so that's to taste because it can really heat up a dish. so i'll put a little chipotle in there, stir it around, gives it a really rich deep flavor and a little bit of heat. cayenne is actually really good for dish andy: yes it is once everything's there. and then we add fresh diced avocado, so get that in there. that's what gives it the freshness on here. sprinkle with a little fresh cilantro, cheese. then we add our chicken. that's another thing i forgot to add our chicken so we add our chicken on there. alicia: okay andy: sprinkle a little cheese on top. alicia: perfect. now the chicken doesn't have to necessarily be added in when you're cooking because you've already cooked it andy: you've already cooked it. my chicken's already been cooked. yo can put it in with the broth prior to. i like to add to the bowl and then your tortilla strips alicia: beautiful dish absolute smells amazing. and again, another dish that is great for groups. feed a lot kitchen. of course, you can find this recipe and our other recipes on our website. you can find that recipie and more on our website at just search for "in the
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