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Spouses Send Messages of Thanks to Husbands Fighting Camp Fire

Spouses Send Messages of Thanks to Husbands Fighting Camp Fire

Posted: Tue Nov 13 18:16:12 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Nov 13 18:16:13 PST 2018

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has 75 fire engines cover with photo video: jessi says, "it's needed and that's a positive thing. that he's getting doing this sort of thing it's not every day here in the valley you get a fight firelines like that." jessiand baby reyanne can't wait to have husbandand daddy noah back home. he's one of 4 firefighters from the illnois valley fire district helping out on the camp fireand it's his first deployment. jessi says, home so when they asked him to go out there was no question about it." betty's husband, captain joseph latva went down too. betty says, "he does anything he can to help out the people." she is part of the support rehab team at the fire district.and makes sure the firefighters are healthy after they battle flames. that includes her husband sometimes. betty says, "he don't particularly care to be told to sit down and be quiet and drink your water and gatorade. they all want to get back out there and stuff but unless their vitals are where they're supposed to be at they have to sit in time out." she says she worries about her husbandbut he's been on deployments before. betty says "he was on the chetco he was on the eagle nest he did a shift on the applegate months at the airport which were like 14 hour shifts for the helicopters that came in." but whether it's a first deploymentor a familiar battleit's no easier on the family left behind. but they say they are immensly proud of their guys. betty says, "it's hard but you know that they're out there helping people is best i can and a lot of the citizens did not realize what they go through to help these people his heart is totally in it." rachel says, "the plan is for them to be down there for 14 days... that could change to 21 depending on how much help they need. we'll keep you updated. in cave junction, rachel tiede, nw12. the
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