In the Kitchen: Tomato Bisque

NewsWatch 12's Kate Houston is with William Snyder from Curbside King with a look at Tomato Bisque.

Posted: Tue Nov 13 12:31:08 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Nov 13 12:31:08 PST 2018

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curbside king the owner and the head chef. thank you for being on our show w: yeah kate, thank you for having totally different path than we normally do in our food truck with the coldest season coming we're bringing the soup rotator. we're gonna give our tomato bisque a go on the show. k: okay. and this looks pretty creamy too w: very creamy. this is probably my wife's favorite soup that i cook k: alright so what do you do to make this w: so with the tomato bisque what we're gonna do is start with some deep seasoning, some garlic, and i even do a little bit of ginger in mine which isn't traditional at all. we go with some root veggies, celery, the rainbow carrots, roman tomatoes, some other herbs as an herb bundle that we cook it all very slowly. then we're going to purify it all down puree it down until it's a nice consistency strain out any leftovers. and you kind of get your soup base k: definitely a lot of flavor there. w: we add a little bit of heavy whipping cream season it to taste and there we are with our tomato bisque k: wow, that's pretty simple and easy. w: yeah, it's not that hard. it's time consuming. k: yeah. w: only in the sense of you know we let it cook for an hour and a half, two hours it, though. w: oh absolutely, when you taste green onions real fine as a cool it down and then you those fall and winter months feel alright about going outside and visiting. k: oh, wow. and that's, you're putting bacon in there too. k: yeah who doesn't love reuseable bowls here soon. at curbside king though and set on it call ahead because these soups so i don't want k: okay. great. well, thank many here in our area have many here in our area have asked how to help the victims of the
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