SOU Senior Day: Final Six From National Championship Team Set To Play in Last Collegiate Game

Devvon Gage, Bronsen Ader, Sean Rogers, AJ Cooper, Isaac Hurd and Chase Cole reflect on the championship legacy they've left at SOU.

Posted: Nov 8, 2018 8:25 PM
Updated: Nov 8, 2018 8:25 PM

Speech to Text for SOU Senior Day: Final Six From National Championship Team Set To Play in Last Collegiate Game

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weekend, the 2018 senior class is bound to be reflecting on their time spent on campus. but for six players who have been in ashland for five years, it's more than that. it's about their championship legacies and their imprint on the future. [g6]sou fb senior day 2018-pkg gage says, "i'm telling myself that i'm not going to "to think that i'm hanging up the cleats is something i can't really comprehend at the moment." hurd says, "just a release of the sweat and tears that i've put out." ader says, "my dad and my mom's going to be here so i'm happy that they're going to watch my last game." rogers says, "i'm focused on winning the game. going out with a bang." 19 southern oregon seniors are set to play in their final collegiate game on saturday. six of them have been with the program for five years. devvon gage, sean rogers, aj cooper, isaac hurd, chase cole and bronsen ader. as redshirts in 2014, they represent the last playing connection to the university's one national championship. ader says, "even if i was a redshirt, i was still trying to compete as if i was playing or trying to earn a spot on the team." hurd says, "being able to give them looks and make them better on a weekly basis, i took that to heart." cooper says, "that experience was a once-in-a-lifetime. he brought me because he wanted me to lead us back there the next year." which is exactly what happened.... this group of six going back to daytona beach in 2015. their first two years on campus... two trips to the pinnaccle of the naia. cooper says, "i wanted it to happen every year after that. the feeling and the momentum i felt that we had." gage says, " when we won the first one, i was saying i was going to win five." instead they wrap up their careers at sou without another appearance. there was the injury-filled 2016. the heartbreak of 2017. and the letdown of 2018. disappointed about unfulfilled dreams. cole says, "to know that we're not going to get to the playoffs ... it hurts." but not discouraged about the bigger picture. gage says, "coach howard told us, it's not a four-year commitment, but a 40-year commitment." as sou's last playing connects to a national title, their hope is that they left a championship pedigree ... and a foundation for future success. rogers says, "you need to show these young guys who only have known 12-1, have only known pure success that hey, you have to overcome things in life, life is not always undefeated. these guys are ready. they're just waiting for me to go away so they can start." senior day festivities come
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