Police Look For Cougar Spotted Near Bellview Elementary

Police say a cougar was spotted near Bellview Elementary Thursday around 6 a.m. Officers did patrols around the school throughout the day. They have not found the cat.

Posted: Nov 8, 2018 7:34 PM
Updated: Nov 8, 2018 7:34 PM

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newswatch 12's emma balkenbush is live at the school right now. she tells us what the school and police are doing to keep students safe and how parents feel about the sighting. the cougar was spotted somewhere here on school property around 6 this morning. while that might cause a bit of anxiety for parents, chief o'meara says given the time of day and how close it is to the foothills, it's not that unusual for a cat to wander by here. i spoke with parents today to see how they felt about how the school handled it. "more so than bears, cougars are really scary." emily trivette has two little ones at bellview. one scary." emily trivette has two little ones at bellview. one in 2nd grade, the other in fifth. this morning she got an alert from the school detailing the sighting. as a mother, she says the danger is always in the back of her mind. but she'd rather have her kids here than anywhere else. "i'm really familiar with the school and i know the students' safety is of utmost importance and if there was something to be really concerned about, we would have heard about it." it's not the school grounds she's worried about. but the ashland area in general. "oh this is the worst year we've had." she's even given up take the kids hiking anywhere around here anymore." chief o'meara tells me officers kept a lookout for the cat for most of the day.. giving an all-clear so they could go back outside. i asked if he could remember a time like this since he's been with the department. "there's no denying that this is a lot of cougar sightings and that the cougar activity right now in and around ashland is much more signfificant in my nine years here." the principal says the school has the same game plan for tomorrow. in the meantime, o'meara says if anyone does spot a cougar, call police or odfw. chief o'meara says the department is working on a new community mapping system. it and running in the next few days. reporting live in the first to find
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