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Police Identify Man Killed in Grants Pass Explosion, Seeking Associate

Police Identify Man Killed in Grants Pass Explosion, Seeking Associate

Posted: Thu Nov 08 18:16:47 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Nov 08 18:16:48 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Police Identify Man Killed in Grants Pass Explosion, Seeking Associate

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an explosion in grants says, "i was sitting at my computer when there was an explosion and it rattled the doors windows. i mean it was pretty scary." at about 10-30 last nightthe car alarms in joann's neighborhood started going off. joann says, "i looked out my glass doors there and it looked like fourth of july it was like fountain fireworks they were just shooting out maybe a couple of feet in a fan effect." she says she called policeand that's when she heard the second boom. joann says, "i would say at least 2 feet high and the fan spray was probably that wide. map: police say at about 10-30 a couple propane tanks exploded near the riverand the parkway public safety station in grants pass. officers started running toward the scene. joanne and her neighbor annette biencourt landissaw flamesand heard screams. annette says, "i heard people screaming i could hear someone screaming for help." at first the flames were so hotrescue teams couldn't put the fire out. chief hamilton says, "when they got down there the victim was actually still on fire when they got there because of the heat they weren't able to get to him initially." eventually they covered him in a sleeping bagand smothered the flames. the patient was brought to an ambulanceand died later at the hospital. detectives scoured this area todayseeing if they could find anything new from last night. as for joann and her neighborhoodshe's thankful for the rescue teamsthat pretty scary because you never know." rachel says, "this is a continuing investigation. police are trying to figure out what lead up to the moments before that explosion. and we will continue to keep you updated deputy chief hamilton says the officers that responded they say they want to make sure she wasn't around when the fire started...and to make sure she wasn't harmed if she was. head to our website,, for
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