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Walden, Thornberry Talk About the Future of Kingsley Air Base

Walden, Thornberry Talk About the Future of Kingsley Air Base

Posted: Wed Oct 17 18:24:20 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Oct 17 18:24:20 PDT 2018

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makes their way to klamath falls. but today, a very influential congressman joined greg walden to discuss the future of kingsley air base. newswatch 12's mike duffy got a crash course in the past, present and future of fighter jets in the basin. "the f-15 is certainly an impressive piece of machinery and currently it's the only aircraft here at kingsley air base in klamath falls. today, representative greg walden is going to be speaking with house armed service committee chairman mac thornberry about perhaps bringing a new plane to this base. representative mac thornberry being here in klamath falls in a big deal. "this is amazing. i don't know that in the last 20 years that we've hosted a house arms services committee chairman here. so we're very pleased to meet with him and to explain the good things we have going on here and voice some of the concerns. colonel smith explains that the major concern is balancing the realities of an aging fleet with trying to meet their current mission. the f-15 has been the past and present of the base. "she's a great beast, a great combat bird, but she's old and she's tired and it's probably time to pivot to the future." and that likely future would be the 5th generation of jets, namely the f-35. representative greg walden wants representative thornberry to know how valuable kingley air base is and would be for the new technology. "so we got great weather conditions, great flying space, excellent place to train with enormous community support. it's a jewel. i felt really compelled to make sure the armed services committee chairman gets an opportunity to see first hand and hear first hand about the enormous asset america has right here in the klamath basin." and as representative thornberry admits, it's that community support that means the most. "whether we ever consider another round of base closings or what not, that community support for the military and the mission that putting arms around the men and women who are our most valuable asset, that's a key asset for any base." "and these discussions today will hopefully lead to a brighter future for klamath falls. in klamath falls, mike duffy, newswatch 12." [a25]joco smart meters-vo josehpine
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