A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story

A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story

Posted: Oct 10, 2018 1:50 PM
Updated: Oct 10, 2018 1:50 PM

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a while, you "i was diagnosed in july 2015." . a bit of a wake-up call "sort of is a real awakening and so it's kind of stopped me in my tracks to reassess where i was, what i was doing." it was a surprise that felt more like a death sentence. "it was pretty terrifying actually butted-- i knew i wasn't ready. i'm not finished. i have so much to do. and i have this boy that i need to raise." as a single mother with a 9- year-old son and a successful career, breast cancer completely flipped denise krause's life upside down. "you know, things are really busy when you find out and then you start having appointments and you start looking at treatment options and you go from one appointment to another and there is a lot of people and your support group that are helping you get through it." but then eventually all that stops. "when you get to the other side of that you know everybody kind of goes on back to normal and i kind of stopped to look around and said what do i want what do i need to do for me now?" for denise it completely changed her approach to life she moved herself and her son across the country from mississippi to ashland, oregon ultimately leading her to riding beyond a non-profit in ashland that offers support for breast cancer survivors through horses. "being around horses is a very centering thing and it's kind of brings me back to me and to what is important and being around horses and the people who love them that's a terrific gift as well." for denise and other survivors who are adjusting to a new normal the ridding beyond program allows for closure. "it's just completely centering and it just makes it brings you into the present, you know, where you kind of need to be." coming up on newswatch 12 at 6 i talked with the creator of riding beyond. hear from her as she describes the program that is helping so many women heal. plus, how you can play a part and change a survivors life. newswatch
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