Neighbors Help Knock Down Sterling Creek Fire

Neighbors Help Knock Down Sterling Creek Fire

Posted: Mon Jul 16 18:07:44 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Jul 16 18:07:44 PDT 2018

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of a heat "you can see all around me there's that red color from the fire retardent. and fire crews say that last night, the situation here was much much different." brian shelander was the first one to spot the fire. "i had gone outside and seen some strikes but couldn't really tell where they had hit. but i saw one back in the direction of what ended up being that fire. when i turned around i did see the smoke coming off of the snag that had been hit by lightining up there." even though he saw it promptely it had some time to burn. "it had rained a bunch after the lightining storm and i think that helped to surpress it for a while. but it was probably two hours after the lightning strike that i actually saw the smoke. so it had some time to get up and going." but brian didn't wait, he jumped into action and enlisted the help of some neighbors... like kyle gossman. "when we were trying to create a line for it, the fire just kept moving downhill really quick. every time you felt like you were making some headway, the wind would pick up. i knew it was going to spread fire was spreading, crews tackled it just in time. "suddenly we got a second helicopter called in, hand crews were showing up. and before long, the airtankers came and started dropping retardant. brian says he these firefighters and their level of professionalism and the comraderie was really impressive." and all those living nearby can now breathe a sigh of relief. "i feel good, i feel relieved. we were packing up our stuff and getting ready to take "and here we are in the aftrermath of the sterling creek fire. but everyone around me says it could have been much much worse. just outside of jacksonville, mike duffy, newswatch
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