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Brookings Couple Starts to Rebuild after Chetco Bar Fire

NewsWatch 12's Sionan Barrett finds out why one Brookings couple says the forest service mismanaged this fire which lead to the loss of their home.

Posted: Wed Jul 11 00:22:01 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jul 11 00:22:02 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Brookings Couple Starts to Rebuild after Chetco Bar Fire

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grew to burn down 190 thousand acres. newswatch12's sionan barrett spoke with one brookings couple on why say the forest service mismanaged this fire.. which lead to the loss of their home. [e3]sba chetco sweeps-llpkg take a drive up gardner ridge road and this is what you'll see- piles of burnt trees and charred cars. cecilia says, "it's a bomb that goes off, the bomb went off and we lost everything and we were just kind of drifting and just functioning." 9 miles up you'll see the worlton's welcome sign.. seemingly untouched by the flames that swept up their drive way. layne says, "losing a home very much it would fall in line with losing a loved one, it's devastating." sionan says, "this fireplace represents the worltons. it's the only thing left standing 9 months after the chetco bar fire swept through this property, now everything around it has to be rebuilt." the forest service says it lit new burns to redirect the fire from homes and businesses. layne says, "the back burner is actually what got gardener ridge." still 6 homes and 20 minor structures burned down on gardner ridge and cate road. cecilia says, "we felt nobody, nobody responded to us up there. not city not county, no one not even state." the terrain of the fire proved difficult for boots on the ground to attack while staying safe.. so by the time flames reached the ridge and homes.. their focus was saving lives, not property. the worlton's still say the fire could have been prevented. layne says, "during that period of time we had the forest service driving the roads constantly, yet no structure protection at all/very disgusted with the forest service." cecilia and lane tell me they retired the day the fire started. weeks later..they lost their home. cecilia says, "i mean he's been working every day, every day since the fire. and he supposed to be retired, and he's not getting any younger, so it's getting harder." now the couple has joined a grassroots group to look into the fire.. and take matters into their own hands in case another half acre fire sprouts up near their homes. in brookings, sionan barrett, newswatch12. newswatch 12 is bringing you important fire coverage all week long. join newswatch 12 for in-depth reports on ways to plan for a wildfire. we'll also give you a look at the challenges of
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