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Woman finds wedding dress

A woman who lost her wedding dress found it in the most unexpected of places.

Posted: Mon Mar 12 23:25:46 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Mar 12 23:25:46 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Woman finds wedding dress

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eliana sheriff says, "sometimes life does mysterious things like putting you in the right place at the right time. that's what happened for debbie when she went down this road. you see, she lost her wedding dress a couple months ago, but debbie is talking about seeing this mannequinn james jessee says, "that's why i put this out there is to be noticed." sure, its noticeable. james jessee says mr man the mannequin has been standing guard of his property for almost three years-- "i am the creator of this treadmill turned upside down." the mannequin always gets a reaction. but nothing quite like yesterday when debbie drove past the dress. her grandma handmade the dress 27 years ago- now her grandma is 90 years old-- with alzheimers. debbie feared shed never see the dress again debbie kuenstler says, "i was pretty distraught over it, i drove out here to go see my brother who lives here on livingston and i kind of double took on the mannequin and just about went in the ditch, hit the brakes, and went in the driveway, like oh my gosh, that is my dress." james jessee says, "she contacted me that this was her dress and she drove by it, and she aback that my wedding dress by mother nature." debbie plans to wear the dress soon -- when she renews her vows with her husband. "i want to wear it, i've taken off some weight, i think i am the same size as the mannequin." debbie says she's been entertained by mr man for years-- and now she's thankful her dress found its way to mr. man, outdoors and not in a closet "can i have a hug? thank you." eliana sheriff says, eliana sheriff says, "now of course mr man couldnt be without an outfit so debbie donated six of her dresses in exchange for a family treasure, in hugo, eliana sheriff, newswatch 12." debbie credits part of her reunion with the dress
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