Amateur Athlete: Born to Shoot and Inspire

Shai Garza's congenital disorder hasn't stopped her from shooting threes or inspiring others.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 19:46:29 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 19:46:29 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Amateur Athlete: Born to Shoot and Inspire

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says, "at first they think how's she going to do it and then they think how are we going to stop her?" shai says, "sometimes i hear the girls, 'oh take away her right side,' or whatever, sure how she does it because only she knows how to do it. i can't teach her how to do what she does. she teaches herself almost everything." that's because shai garza was born with a gift. it's just that letting it shine has to address what she was born without. danny says, "well. she has one arm." shai is a sophomore on the north valley basketball team. born with a condition called amniotic band constriction... and a burning desire to shoot. shai says, "i've never had two hands so i've never experienced anything else, but i do what everybody else does but just like a little bit different." danny says, "she can shoot. and when she gets going and she's hot, she makes eight, nine, ten in a row." shai says, "they might think that i'm not that great of a basketball player but i want to prove them wrong and be like, 'hey i am a good basketball player and i can do this even if i don't have two hands.'" jake says, "a quick look at shai and you'll see someone who plays basketball with only one hand, but what's even more pronounced is the smile she's wearing when on the court. the adversity in her life not coming close to deterring her positive outlook." danny says, "she'll never have a bad day, she never has the why me mentality. never. she's just one of a kind." shai says, "this is the cards that i've been dealt and this is what i'm going to do with that and just make it positive for everybody else. and maybe the people that do have one arm, maybe they can look up to me and be like, 'oh she can do it, she's pushing herself, i can push myself." so she sets out to inspire others-- the gift she was given at birth. the basketball court her platform. her shooting stroke, the message. in grants pass, jake garcia, newswatch 12 sports. for just the second time in schoolhistory,
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