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Matt Miles Continues to Fight Adversity with Positivity

After being diagnosed with stage four gliosarcoma brain cancer a year ago, Oregon Tech's head baseball coach continues to fight back with a positive outlook, a healthy diet and coaching.

Posted: Mon Feb 12 19:03:04 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 12 19:03:04 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Matt Miles Continues to Fight Adversity with Positivity

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they've overcome adversity, a lot of the times, it's adversity only in a sports setting. but what happens when that adversity is real? life or death? oregon tech baseball coach matt miles has perspective. diagnosed with one of the most life threatening diseases a year ago, his story is about fighting adversity with positivity. beverley says, "it's like something you can't wake from. it's like you go to sleep with it on your mind, you wake up with it, it's heavy on you all day." tristan says, "we weren't expecting it. he was feeling under the weather and it just kind of came out of nowhere." matt says, "i was getting headaches so bad that i couldn't even remember we watched a movie last night. i'm a guy that's never taken any medication in my life. so i waited all the way until february." in february of 2017, matt's wife beverley convinced him to see a doctor in portland. after an mri, the news was even more dire than he thought. matt says, "doctor came in and told me you've got stage four gliosarcoma brain cancer, it's really aggressive and if you don't get it out now you probably only have two to three weeks left and if you do get it out, three months would be a good run." beverley says, "they said 90 days. he had 90 days so that wouldn't even get to our son's graduation." matt says, "at that point, i was thinking, life is too beautiful. i'm going to fight this battle like better than i can do anything in my life." so that's exactly what he did. stagnating the most aggressive form of brain cancer with unwavering positivity. beverley says, "i get angry. i think why us. i kind of do that sometimes and then he's always like look, if this is my path, i have to walk it and i'm going to walk it well. matt got through chemotherapy and radiation... made it to his son's graduation in may and his 29th wedding anniversary in september. he missed six weeks of the 2017 baseball season, but one year after the diagnosis, he's coaching like he never left. michael says, "nobody would've blamed him if he said hey, i need to take a step back, but he didn't, he just kept on going with his life." beverley says, "he always talks about living life like a 3-1 count, which means you can swing for the fences, that thing where you have this chance to swing and you fight, you fight until, you just don't go down without a fight." tristan says, "he told us from the beginning that he would beat it and right now, he's looking like he's beating it pretty good." matt says, "believing that you're going to beat it i think is the true solution. my thing and my goal is not only this year, but it's future years here too. i'm recruiting for next year, doing all those things, so the one thing i told them, if i'm wrong, wasn't because of lack of effort." doctors have been 0-for-6 in the timetables they've given matt. he's no longer on any medical treatment... and he tells me his current state... is complete belief he's going to
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