Ashland Senior Center Pending Lawsuit

Ashland Senior Center Pending Lawsuit

Posted: Mon Jan 22 17:43:15 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 22 17:43:15 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Ashland Senior Center Pending Lawsuit

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parks and recreation ity of ashland has received three claims against them surrounding ashland parks and recreation commission employees. one of those claims comes from the former manager of the city of ashland's senior center who is claiming that she was wrongly dismissed from her position but the problems go much deeper than the public first thought. on august 23, 2017 ms. christine dodson was removed from her position as the manager of the city of ashland's senior center after holding the position for 10 years. the news caught a majority of people off guard and caused many seniors in ashland to question the commissioner's motives. sandra says: all of these plans came about and director michael black came up with this long list of recommendations for redoing the senior center and never talk to the director and never talk to the staff just did it and presented it to parks and recreation commissioners according to ms. dodson's lawyer, the alleged reason for her lay-off was a need to reduce staff during a reorganization of the senior program, which reportedly involved numerous changes like moving the progam to the grove and cutting back on the program's operating hours. sandra says: i think when the commissioner saw that the public was upset about it and wanted more explanations wanted to know what are you doing and why then they were versed a lot of their actions after ms. dodson's termination her lawyer says the city reversed its plan and didn't follow through with plans to re-organize the program. michael black, the parks and recreation commission director told me -quote, "there's a lot more to the situation than appears in the claimants allegations and i look forward to the opportunity for the full story to be heard. sandra says: they've got staff from parks and recreation filling in the best they can unfortunately they are not trained and seniors are missing the services that they had the commission has appointed an ad hoc committee to recommend changes for the senior center. alicia says: tonight there will be a parks and recreation commission meeting at 7 to potentially commission reshape the senior center's future. the commission will also allow time for the public to say something and coming up on newswatch 12 at 6, i spoke tag out. [a25]follow up-stinger three boys are safe after being rescued from mount ashland.
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