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Women In Politics

Women In Politics

Posted: Sun Jan 21 10:53:24 PST 2018
Updated: Sun Jan 21 10:53:24 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Women In Politics

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pass and afterwards women gathered for a women in politics discusion with current elected officials. newswatch 12's alicia rubin talked with the women who said their desire to be in politics came from wanting change. alicia says:the women here all want to get into politics whether that's by running for office, joinging a board, or just becoming an advocate. today, following the women's march in grants pass women who are interested in politics were able to met with current politicians and other elected oficials to talk about what it takes to become a polititcian or any leader in the community. suzanne says: what we decided to do is take advantage of the momentum around the woman's march and invite both representatives that are in public ofice so city counselors, counting commissioners, women who are on school boards to come and share their expertise anyone who was interested was able to talk to oficials in a small group seting and ask questions. suzanne says: some of them are just doing discovery some are loking at maybe taking baby steps in joing a board of directors first or just becoming an activist and they want to find out what's involved each participant has their own goal. kate says: i'm here to help younger women and women everywhere learn how to run for public office and get their voice out there and work for improving our community vanesa says: i'm here because i think it's really important for community members to get involved in the local community because change never comes from the top down it always comes from the bottom up for somenoe wanting to get involved in community leadership questions like, how much time it requires, how much money it takes and where to even begin can be overwhelming. to further answer questions a communtiy-led project called rogue valley community candidate schol will begin in the spring with a "run for ofice 10 class" that is fre and ope to the public. suzane says: here in our state were lucky to have a female governor she's only one of six governors in the united states and there's 50 states we would like to se at least half of those be women and it's the same very low ratio for state and local offices as wel as ap the us senate and congres so we would like to see that change alicia says: the organization is open to the public for both men and women who want to get involved in politics. tag out. today-- the comunity is honoring the life of grace holt.
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