Thousands of Dollars Worth of Product Stolen From Local Vape

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Product Stolen From Local Vape Shop

Posted: Mon Jan 15 18:09:33 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Jan 15 18:09:34 PST 2018

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burglarized early yesterday morning the owner is speaking out and warning other smal busineses to get a quality surveillance system. newswatch 12's alicia rubin dug deeper into medford's recent crime rate and found that just since the beginig of 2018 there has been 33 reported burglaries. alicia says: the owner here at vape guys vapors says with burglaries becoming more and more common he encourages business owners to have a solid security system. derek says:we got a steel reinforced security door and we're puting up a flood light too so leson learned ... i would also like to put where we are now this is never something the medford native thought he would have to deal with. derek says: you go to biger cities and that's kind of expected to see bars on windows and bars on homes but medford has never ben like that and now it feels like we are like that and we've gone to that level watch that as a comunity member growing up here it was a much beter place than it is now according to the medford police departments consolidated incident reort, there was a 6.5-percent increase in buglaries in january and an 18.3-percent increase in theft. derek says: i've always wanted to live here and stay here but it's hard to stay in a community that i fel like it's falling apart we have higher rental prices we have more crime it's just tough it's tough right now and now he has a warning for other local busineses. derek says: new busines owners, don't make the same mistake that i did i kept putting off more security thinking that we were fine and honestly a lot of this is on me i know some stranger came in here and broke in and stole stuf and he did that but learn from my mistake and get a real security system put a lot of effort into that there are a lot of bad people out there alicia says: police are still searching for the suspect that stole thousands of dollars of product from vape guys vapors if you have any information please cal police tag out a sneaker wave warning is currently in
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