Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Greyhound

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Greyhound

Posted: Wed Dec 06 23:24:47 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 23:24:47 PST 2017

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"watching out sheriff is live where that tragedy happened. eliana, what is the family saying tonight? [a16]greyhound lawsuit-live intro mike, the mother of hunter brown tells me the holidays are especially hard right now, since it's the first year without their son. in june, hunter was headed to san francisco and the greyhound bus he was riding stopped here at this gas station. hunter never made it back on the bus. [a17]greyhound lawsuit-pkg paula becker says, "barry and i feel so lucky we saw him the night before he got on the bus. he hugged us and told us how much he loved us... that kind of moment we had often with hunter and the thought that we're never going to have that again is very painful." the parents of 25-year-old hunter brown from seattle are suing greyhound. their son was a passenger on the greyhound bus that struck and killed him june 29th. paula becker says, "it seems very obvious that hunter's death was completely preventable.that the driver should not have been behind the wheel of a car even." the lawsuit was filed in dallas county, texas, where greyhound's corporate headquarters is located. the lawsuit alleges greyhound failed to provide hunter with a rested, responsible bus driver. it states the driver of that bus, arthur coley, had already driven an excessive length of time that day and was not appropriately rested. the greyhound bus stopped at the pilot travel center in central point, at 1 in the morning that day. the driver announced to passengers the bus would depart again at 1:30 a.m. but the lawsuit alleges the driver started to leave the truck stop before the announced departure time, ignoring passengers who tried to alert him that others were not on the bus. charla aldous says, "and he the bus trying to get on when he gets run over. it's simply hard to comprehend something like this could happen." paula becker says, "it could have been anybody because you know i'll bet that hundreds if not more people run after greyhound buses every day and the fact that the driver could see him through the door and still see him and turn the wheel toward him, it's horrifying." we interviewed a central point police detective the day of the incident who describes what witnesses said about the drivers behavior "we've had some people stating that were on the bus that he was the incident because of pending litigation. lanesha gipson says, "as long as it is in litigation, we are unable to discuss it." hunter's parents tell me they didn't file this suit just for a financial settlement, they say they're seeking accountability from greyhound and a change in business practices to protect its passengers. live in central point, eliana sheriff, newswatch 12. four major
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